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Stafford Lawyer for Pre-Marital Property Issues

A Divorce case involves many issues, one of which is the division of property and money that were acquired and shared by married parties. Under Virginia law, property is not automatically split down the middle, since the principle of equitable distribution applies. Thus, dividing marital property can be complicated, requiring analysis and often involving aggressive negotiations. Having the help of a skilled divorce attorney with real world experience can be extremely important in securing fair division of property and debt.

At the Law Office of Thomas B. Dance, P.C., we provide our clients with practical legal advice and representation in matters involving the division of marital property. We can help you develop and implement a strategy regarding the division of assets such as:

  • Bank accounts
  • Real property such as houses and investment properties
  • Personal property
  • Retirement accounts, state pensions and military pensions
  • Stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • Family businesses and professional practices

Categorizing and Distributing Property — and Debt

Not all property is the same in the eyes of a family court judge. Property can be categorized by a court as marital, separate or as a combination thereof. For example, a house that you and your spouse purchased together and lived in may be considered marital, while a piece of jewelry that you inherited prior to your marriage would probably be deemed separate; a business that you started before your marriage but that your spouse built with you over a period of 10 years may fall into the combined category. Regardless of the types of property you own, we can help you understand your rights and options, and help you divide that property equitably.

In today's economic environment, the division of marital debt is an important topic for many couples. Whether you have credit card or loan debt, or your house is underwater, we can help you approach the division of your marital debt in a way that is practical and solution-oriented.

Contact a Spotsylvania Marital Property Lawyer

We can help you deal strategically with property division as it relates to your divorce. We can answer your questions about real estate, investments, and military and government pensions in divorce. Contact us to learn more.